About Dialogues on Delight

World over, brands are realizing that Customer Experience is the true game-changer for success today.With organizations now reinventing themselves towards Customer-Centricity, CX becoming a key point of discussion in boardrooms, and huge investments are being made towards new technologies.

At CloudCherry, we believe that great CX is not just about great technology, but is also about learning, evolving and keeping up with changing customer expectations.

This is why Dialogues on Delight is the perfect gathering for brands that are already Customer-Centric to share their success stories & learnings, and just the right place for brands that are thinking CX to learn a thing or two from fellow leaders.


About CloudCherry

CloudCherry is a leading, real-time omni-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that lets customer-facing brands track, measure & improve Customer Delight - thereby increasing profitability and loyalty.

With CloudCherry, brands get to capture experiential data at every customer touchpoints using 17 channels of interaction, get real-time alerts and notifications to address issues as they happen, and view all of their customer experience data and insights on a single dashboard - a true CX one view.

Many of the largest brands in the world don’t just satisfy, but delight their customers with CloudCherry’s CEM platform.